Vision and Mission

BChef’s vision is to create your cooking experience more thoughtful.

BChef’s mission is to create an environment where people would share recipes and discover new experiences while also maintaining sustainability and consciousness.

BChef always delivers only fresh products from local and international partners.

BChef allows you to express your creativity, make mistakes and learn. Discover new tastes
and recipes and enjoy cooking with your loved ones!

Our Values

Free your mind and save time. With BChef, you can always be sure that you have the necessary products for a delicious dinner!

Forget about tons of plastic and excess food leftovers.

Our Partners
We work with local and international food suppliers.
We plan to strengthen our team by attracting new partners, who could create your cooking
experience even more enjoyable.
Entrepreneur, father
Mother, fitness trainer
Programmer, Start-up founder
Edgars Bitulis
Sanita Meldere
Nikita Melentjevs


"I like to come home every week and enjoy the BChef box. It is full of different inspiring
recipes and new dishes that I choose every week."
"BChef offers a range of different complexity recipes. I like that the supplied food is well
balanced and healthy. A huge plus is that BChef offers environmentally friendly packaging."
"BChef inspired me to try cooking myself. It is a good way how I can control what's going on
in the kitchen myself."
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